Craft stunning 3D, VR, and AR apps in .NET with XR#

Unleash the potential of C#, XAML, and .NET to write cutting-edge, cross-platform 3D apps powered by WebXR.

Pre-Alpha (Early Stage - Work In Progress)

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Effortlessly design 3D, VR, and AR GUIs with XAML

Leverage powerful and familiar XAML features like MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel), Data Binding, 3D Layout Panels and Controls, 3D Templating and Styling, Routed Events, and more. A WYSIWYG 3D XAML GUI Designer will be available in 2024

Migrate 2D apps & integrate 2D and 3D elements

Migrate from XAML-based platforms like WPF, Silverlight & WinUI. Place 3D objects within 2D XAML (e.g., for mobile AR and web/desktop apps) or render 2D XAML as interactive textures on 3D surfaces.

Build robust 3D Enterprise and Line-of-Business apps

Harness the power of .NET advanced capabilities like Entity Framework, RIA Services, WCF, DataGrid / DataForm, MS Enterprise Lib, MEF, PRISM... Share code between client and server, and with other MS tech (WPF, MAUI, ASP.NET, Blazor...)

Compatibile with both Web browsers & AR/VR headsets

Thanks to modern Web standards (HTML5, WASM, WebXR), your app will run on all modern platforms, including Web, Apple VisionPro, Meta Quest, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, HoloLens... all with a single codebase!

Give a new dimension to your applications

A simple live example (with source code) is available on the Getting Started page. More examples of 3D apps created with XR# will be available soon.

A new era of user interfaces is about to begin

With XR# we are redefining what software applications look like

Mid 1960s1D —Keyboard

Command Line Interfaces

UNIX Shell, DOS Shell, Linux Bash....
Early 1980s2D —Mouse

Mouse-Based Windowed Apps

Xerox Star, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, X Window System for Unix/Linux...
Mid 2000s2D —Touch

Touch-based Mobile / Tablet Apps

Apple iPhone & iPad, Google Android, Microsoft Surface...
Today3D —Hands

Spatial Computing / AR / VR

Apple VisionPro, Meta Oculus Quest, Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap...

Sample Projects

A simple live example (with source code) is available on the Getting Started page.

Check back in the coming weeks for more!

Check out these examples and their Source Code:

Professional XR Development Services by Userware

If you're seeking a professional team to bring your XR dream to life, look no further than Userware XR Studios, our professional services division. Delve into the realm of unparalleled 3D, VR, and AR experiences, delivered seamlessly across web browsers on both desktop and mobile, as well as on headsets.

Masters of XR#

Being the authors of XR#, our expertise isn’t just profound—it’s unmatched. This unique familiarity allows us to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Decades of Excellence

With over 15 years in the business of development services and hundreds of satisfied customers, our reputation for excellence is second to none.

A Symphony of Skills

Our team is a melting pot of talents—from intuitive UX designers and artistic 3D visionaries to technical maestros who thrive on low-level challenges. With us, you get a full spectrum of expertise, all under one roof.

Crafting Exceptional Experiences

We don't just develop software; we craft experiences. We believe in the transformative power of software, and our vision is to change the world one immersive experience at a time.

With Userware XR Studios, you're not just choosing service; you're committing to digital marvels that captivate. Let’s shape the future of XR together.

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Silverlight replacement for the modern web
(by the same team as XR#)

A web framework for building WebXR-powered 3D/AR/VR experiences

3D graphics in web browsers using WebGL & JavaScript

The cross-platform framework for building modern apps and powerful cloud services

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